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Rehabilitation Modified Vehicles
ACTAR Reconstructionist
Vehicle Fire Cause & Origin
 Established 1990

Ingenium Engineering Services is an engineering & scientific consulting firm specializing in automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and fire cause analysis. Ingenium Engineering Services was founded in 1990 by George Hicks, P.E. after more than a decade of engineering experience working with other consulting firms and Chrysler Corporation. Engineering or scientific studies have been conducted for insurance companies, law firms, engineering firms and various vocational rehabilitation groups.

Ingenium Engineering Services has an ACTAR accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist on staff to perform accident reconstruction. Motor vehicle accident reconstruction may also utilize computer analysis. Past experience with conducting vehicle crash tests has proved to be an asset. Testing has included vehicle trailer towing, vehicle rollover, vehicle braking and component temperature evaluations.

Engineering after check inspections have been conducted on vehicles modified for the disabled with adaptive devices such as hand controls. These evaluations have been primarily performed in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Assessments of modified rehabilitation vehicles (i.e. 'handicapped vans') with equipment problems and post accident inspections have been conducted. Analysis of wheelchair accidents on wheelchair lifts have been conducted.

Mechanical engineering studies have been conducted on automotive, farm & construction vehicles, machinery and equipment. Failure analysis of mechanical functions and tool related accidents have also been investigated. Research of literature, patents and technical standards have been conducted on such topics as ROPS (Roll Over Protection Systems), seat belt components and door latches to compile state of art, history of components and rationale for standards.

Fire cause analysis investigations have been conducted on automotive vehicles (cars & trucks), farm tractors, construction equipment and tractor trailers. Fire cause analysis investigations have also been conducted on mechanical products such as appliances (clothes driers, toasters & microwaves, etc), electronic devices (electric keyboard, curling iron) camping stoves and heating furnaces.
George W. Hicks, P.E. Modified Vehicles and Forensic Engineering