Proverbs 16:9

Forensic Engineering since 1980
Modified Vehicles since 1987
Testified in 18 Trials
Modified Vehicle Inspector since 1999


Modified Rehabilitation Vehicle Background
Mr. Hicks has investigated and inspected a number of modified vehicles and rehabilitation equipment that have been involved in accidents or vehicle fires. The investigation typically is to determine what role if any the modified vehicle systems played in the incident. Numerous cases of mechanical problems with adaptive devices have also been investigated to locate and determine the cause of the malfunctions. These malfunctions have ranged from faulty components to installation problems.
Forensic Engineering
Mr. Hicks has qualified as an expert witness in Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Traffic Accident Reconstruction. He has testified in 18 trials in Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Illinois, California and Turks & Caicos Islands (BWI).Testimony has involved wheelchair lifts, hand controls, machine guarding, slip & fall, fire cause & origin and accident reconstruction.
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Rehab Vehicle Background Summary
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